Sunday 7 October 2012


Jane had to leave me on my own today and zoom up north to do some work!  Logistics dictated an early start and a shortish walk - so we parked the minibus in St Neot and Jane drove me to the start point, near Minions, before setting off home.
We still haven't managed to find out why this strange little village is called Minions, or what it actually means.  Google hasn't helped.  If anyone can find out, please tell us.
Anyway, fair weather, a tail wind and the prospect of a good pint and a Sunday roast lunch at the London Inn in St Neot mean't that I didn't dawdle much.  In fact, in spite of falling off a slippery stile and nearly knackering my back, I arrived 10 minutes before the pub opened!
It was worth waiting for - and I'm now back at Doublebois camp site resting.  Hopefully I'll be fit enough to walk to Bodmin tomorrow.