Monday 8 October 2012


A misty, damp and grey day today, which sounds pretty unexciting but, as I climbed back up onto Bodmin Moor from St Neot, this created the perfect atmosphere.  Cobwebs glistening in the gorse bushes, a few larger trees appearing out of the mist like ghosts - even the birds seemed subdued, apart from the pheasants, of which there are more than plenty.
Eventually, the peace and quiet of the country lanes gave way to traffic noise from the A30 and the A38, which meet near Bodmin.  It started raining and the last couple of miles into Bodmin were fairly grim!  However, the centre of Bodmin is full of character - interesting buildings, an old railway station, a charming church, an impressive Town Hall and an almost continental feel to the little pedestrian area, with its cafes etc. (of which I made good use because the TIC was closed for lunch and I had to wait an hour or so for a bus back!)
Tomorrow I set off towards Redruth.  I've now done more than 100 miles this stretch (since Cheddar) but I'm not quite sure how much further it is to Land's End.  It depends on the route I choose - and that depends on buses, which seem to be few and far between and don't go where you want!