Saturday 6 October 2012


We spent an hour or two in the local pub last night, being entertained with ghost stories and suchlike - and reassurances that the "Beast of Bodmin" was still alive and had been seen recently!  Strange people these Cornish country folk!
Bodmin Moor couldn't have looked more benign than it did today - but then it was a glorious, warm, sunny day with fabulous visibility and magnificent views.  Did a fairly gentle stint from Congdon's Shop, around the edge of the moor to the old mining village of Minions - and then just a bit further, to get the feel of the moor top, see some standing stones and get a first view of the sea!
The weather was so lovely, we then went to have a look at Golitha Falls (pretty woods but the falls were nothing special), then drove up to Colliford Lake (really just a large reservoir) and then stopped for a pint in the beautiful little village of St Neot, with it's lovely old church.
St Neot is the end of tomorrow's stretch and the start of Monday's, so It seemed a good idea to befriend the landlady of the local pub!