Friday 5 October 2012


Well - it's a nice thought for the romantic amongst us!  Certainly Launceston has a very impressive old castle in a superb situation!
Started early today - the forecast said rain by lunchtime and, sure enough, we had a heavy shower just as I reached South Petherwin at about midday.  Jane was waiting with the car so sheltered for 30 minutes then managed to carry on to Cobdon's Shop without getting too wet.  A good 7 miles with some stiff climbs. Finished at about 1pm - and it's been raining ever since!
Moved campsite to a place called Doublebois. This made us think: The word Oboe comes from the French Hautbois.  So why is a Bassoon not a Bassebois?  Funny people, the French - and what are they doing in Cornwall?  Maybe Launcelot was here after all.
Forecast is OK for tomorrow, as we start to circumnavigate Bodmin Moor, finishing at the quaintly named Minions. I wonder why it's called that - and what it means in French!