Thursday 11 October 2012


We tend to think of Cornwall as picture-postcard scenery, with pretty bays and coves, sandy beaches and cute villages.  Inland, away from the tourist honeypots, I have to say it's rather grim!  Interesting, with lots of industrial heritage and some amazing historic sites, but very run down, with empty, dilapidated or derelict buildings everywhere.  It's rather like the coastal edges of the North York Moors or the Lake District - a bit forlorn - and, of course, the grey and dismal weather doesn't help!
Talking of which, I escaped again today!  It absolutely siled it down last night, nearly flooding the camp site.  I nearly abandoned the idea of walking today but that would be defeatist.  I parked in the pub car park in Mitchell and went to catch the bus to Fraddon.  It was pouring down so I wore my big, heavy cape, for the first time for ages.  By the time I got to the bus-stop, it had stopped and, apart from a bit of light drizzle, it never started again!
However, owing to the vagaries of the Cornish bus services, I could only do a short (5 mile) stretch today.  Tomorrow I move camp site and, if the weather is OK, I'll try to do a few more miles - but it will probably be mostly along the A30.  Oh joy!!!