Friday 12 October 2012


Fabulous morning!  The BBC weather forecast said sunny periods and showers, becoming heavier and cloudier later - they were so right!
Left the old campsite at Innis Inn and drove to my "end point" at the little village of Marazonvose.  Parked the van and caught the bus to Truro. Glorious weather!  Then caught another bus to my "start point" at Mitchell.  Still beautiful.  Set off on the walk - only to find that the little lane that I wanted to walk on, alongside the A30, was blocked by a padlocked and barbed wired gate!  Found an alternative track the other side of the main road, but it involved a muddy field or two, climbing a wall or two and fighting through some brambles!
Eventually I got back to the A30 and braved the traffic for 3 miles, until I could hit a back road through the little village of Zelah.  Blissful peace - and still sunny!  Stopped for a half and a bag of crisps at the pub and then carried on the the end.  Felt a couple of drops of rain about 200 yards from the minibus, but still good weather.
Set off to find the new campsite, near Redruth, and drove into heavy rain.  It stopped just as I arrived, just long enough for me to hook-up and make a cup of tea - then it bucketted down for 2 hours, with thunder & lightening as well!
The site is on top of a hill with views all round, now it's a lovely sunset!  When it's gone and I've finished this blog, I'll try to find a good pub!