Wednesday 10 October 2012


Well, Wikipedia explains that it is the name of an old pub; so called because an supposedly Indian Queen once stayed there.  The plural comes because, when Queen Victoria became Empress of India, they painted a picture of her on the other side of the Inn sign - thus two Queens.  Sadly the pub is now demolished, so I couldn't have a pint there!
Why mention all this?  Well, today I walked from Victoria, through Indian Queens (get the link?) and a little bit further, to a village called Fraddon.
Funny thing about the weather in Cornwall - one side can be sunny and the other covered in cloud.  I'm walking roughly along the ridge in the middle and, so far, I've been pretty lucky.  Tomorrow, the forecast isn't good but I'm hoping I'll be lucky again.  However, it looks like I might have to walk along the A30 most of the time so I'm not really looking forward to it.  Roll on Marazion!