Tuesday 9 October 2012


Well, the first one is obvious - walking in grey, cloudy, overcast conditions is fine, at least it's not too hot - but everything looks so dull and you don't get the great views.
Moved camp site today, to the Innis Inn, quite near to the "Eden Project".  The place is fine, next to the pub - but no dongle reception!  Luckily the pub has wifi so I can still do my daily blog!
Walked from Bodmin to Victoria today, the first half along a main road, the second half along a beautiful old "coach road".  Rain threatened all the time but it never materialised.
Victoria is a funny place - a sort of remote, moortop industrial estate where the railway meets the main road.  Very little more to say about it.
Tomorrow's forecast is grim - and the bus situation is convoluted - so probably just a short walk, maybe to the oddly named Indian Queens.   Still, I'm ahead of schedule so I can take it easy and explore the bus routes.  Thank heaven for over 60 bus passes!