Thursday 13 September 2012


Cheddar - A classic example of how to desecrate a beautiful spot!
But first ... the big St Cecilia Orchestra "Gala" Concert in Ripon Cathedral this Saturday, with Chloe Hanslip playing the Elgar Violin Concerto, along with Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony.

Then we've got to sort out everything for the VaCO Christmas course!  
Once that's done (hopefully by Friday) I'll be driving down to Somerset to start the last stretch of "Andante - The Big Walk" on Saturday 22 September.  (From Cheddar to Land's End, all in one go!)  I reckon it's about 25 days of walking, allowing for bad weather, so I hope to be finished during the last week of October.  Then it's back home for a rest and to celebrate (and to get on with writing the report on Music Education)!

I hope lots of people will be able to join me - and to sponsor me. (It's not too late!)

Please help to spread the word.  Also, please email me with any comments about Music Education in the UK, so that I can produce a comprehensive and meaningful report for the government, ACE etc.