Thursday 23 August 2012


Sitting atop Moelydd, near Oswestry
(Great viewpoint - in good weather!) 
Well, "Andante - The big walk" has now reached Cheddar (about 750 miles done) and whilst a rest is welcome physically, we've got a Vacation Chamber Orchestra course in Somerset starting tomorrow - with six concerts, finishing on 1st September. (Walton's Façade and various other quirky items - should be great fun!)

Then it's back to Ripon for rehearsals for the big St Cecilia Orchestra Gala Concert on 15 September. (Elgar Violin Concerto with Chloe Hanslip and Tchaik 5 - big score to learn and lots of parts to mark up - but I'm really looking forward to it!)

Once that lot is out of the way and given a few days to recover and get everything in order, I hope and intend to drive down to Cheddar on Friday 21 September and set off walking again on Saturday 22 September.  Only about 200 miles to do!  As direct a line as possible through Bridgewater, Tiverton, Okehampton, Bodmin & Redruth to Penzance and then round the coast to Land's End.  If the weather is fine, it should be finished by mid-October.

I really enjoyed Offa's Dyke and the Welsh Borders - some fantastic scenery!  (See all the photos on Facebook : "Xen Kelsey" or "Andante-The big walk".)  From now to the end it's pretty well all new to me so it should be fascinating.  As ever, I'm hoping for people to join me and I'm looking forward to meeting as many musicians as possible.  Please help to spread the word - and please let me have your comments, views, grumbles, suggestions etc. about anything to do with music and music education!