Friday 10 August 2012


! ? ! . . . Well, that's what we discussed for 2 hours at "Philosophy Cafe" in Hay-on-Wye last night.  I don't think we came to any actual conclusions but it was fascinating to meet some very interesting people. It could only happen in Hay!
Today was almost a day off.  Jane & I just did the short stretch from Hay up to Hay Bluff - only 3.5 miles but about 350 metres of climb.  Tomorrow is the big day - up to Hay Beacon then about 12.5 miles along Hatterall Ridge and down to Pandy. Hope the weather is as good as today.
I have to say, the views from Hay Bluff rival any in the UK - what a brilliant spot. The views from the Ridge will be even better if the weather holds.
Camping tonight at the Rising Sun Inn in Pandy. Not the most beautiful site but the proximity of a decent pub with good food and real ale makes up for that.