Saturday 11 August 2012


. . . She'll be with us shortly!  The lovely Alice Robson (violinist, founder member of VaCO) is joining us tonight and walking with us tomorrow.  What we haven't told her is that there is some kind of jazz/folk concert here at the Rising Sun tonight - let's hope it's a good one!
Did the longest stretch of the whole walk today - from Hay Bluff, up and over the Beacon and the Black Mountain, along Hatterall Ridge and down to Pandy - a good 13 miles or more, especially as I tagged an extra mile on to make for an easier start point tomorrow.  Jane walked the first bit with me, then went back and bought me a lovely chair to sit on outside the van!
So, tomorrow, we should get past White Castle to Llantillio Crossenny - half way to Monmouth. Unfortunately, the forecast isn't too good but there are pubs along the route and at the end.