Sunday 5 August 2012

ROCK ON MURRAY! - And the rest - but . . .

. . . I still think Jessica is the greatest!
Meanwhile, another lovely walk today - and, luckily, a dry one!  Many thanks to Dave, from the Baron at Bucknell, who kindly drove me to the start after dropping off the minibus in Knighton. Also, many thanks to Yvonne Baker, who left a donation stuck in the minibus window!
Still very up-and-down but oh so beautiful! I've only just realised that, because we started so late yesterday, I've just walked about 17 miles and done more than 1,000 metres of climbing in less than 24 hours - not bad for an old codger - no wonder I'm a bit stiff!
Tomorrow - slightly more gentle - Knighton to Discoed - and I'll still be half a day ahead of schedule. However, the weather forecast looks a bit dodgy.  Let's hope for the best - and more gold medals!!!