Saturday 4 August 2012

JESSICA ENNIS IS MAGNIFICENT!!! - and so are . . .

. . . The Shropshire Hills!  In fact it was rather more strenuous than I thought today.
Mike & Eleanor Revel (horn & violin) met me at Newcastle and we left a car at the end then drove to the Blue Bell at Brompton, waited for a heavy shower to finish, then set off.  Most of the walk was either on or alongside the Dyke (very impressive in places) but talk about up-and-down! Some of the hills are very, very steep and, although it was only about 8 miles, it took us more than 4 hours and we were all totally knackered!
And we finished so late that there was nowhere to get a meal! After a quick drink, M & E set off home, and I eventually arrived at my camp site at about 10.30!  Luckily, the camp site is at the "Baron of Beef" Pub in Bucknell.  Great hospitality, fine ale - and landlady Debra made me a meal - at that time of night!  I'm looking forward to the next 2 nights here!