Friday 11 May 2012


Lovely, gentle 10-mile stroll along the Lancaster Canal today.  Jo Atherton (violin) and I were just starting - in light rain -  when we got a phone call from Howard Haigh (guitar) to ask if he could join us.  Howard lives in Lancaster and he said he would catch us up, so off we went!
2 hours later we stopped for a sandwich and he still hadn't caught us but, after a 10 minute sit in the sun (by the way, the weather improved a lot as the day went on) he appeared and walked with us for the last hour or so - and good company he was too!
It does sound a bit boring, just ambling along a canal towpath, but it is very pretty!  Trees are just coming into leaf and there is plenty of wildlife - ducks, moorhens, several swans and some cygnets - and a very handsome but not very brave heron!
Visited Burnley Symphony Orchestra last night - a really friendly and welcoming bunch, including several old friends I hadn't seen for years.  Great enthusiasts - but, sadly, struggling for members.  Good luck to you all.
Jane should be joining me tomorrow - looking forward to that and to even better weather!  If I manage another 10 miles, I'll be nearly in Preston! I'll have to be a bit careful not to get too far ahead of myself!