Wednesday 9 May 2012


Back pretty well recovered, Bank Holiday over (thankfully) - so it's back to work and back to walking.
Plan to start on Friday (11 May) morning, just south of Lancaster - and get down the canal and probably beyond Preston by Monday (14 May) afternoon.  Then I should start again on Friday (18 May) and get to somewhere near Runcorn by Monday (21 May).
Anthony Hewitt (pianist with-a-van-with-a-piano) starts his Land's End to JoG Cycle ride today.  Good Luck Tony!  I hope to meet up with him at his concert in Clitheroe 
in the evening on Friday 18 May.  You can follow him on 
Please help to spread the word - and do join me if you can!  (The weather forecast looks pretty good for this week end.)  Ring me on 07974 698265 if you want to contact me while I'm walking.