Sunday 13 May 2012


Yes, we crossed the River Ribble today at Preston!  (Then we came home, because I'm getting a bit ahead of myself!)  Jane & I walked the 9.5 miles from Woodplumpton, through Preston to New Longton today, accompanied for the first half by our old friend and walking companion Ian Tate (Pianist).
I have to say, I was rather dreading walking through Preston - but Ian managed to find a route that almost completely avoided roads, taking us through parks, along cycleways and footpaths, alongside bits of canal, the massive harbour and the Ribble estuary.  I can't think of any other city with so much parkland!
Two good pubs to recommend - the Wheatsheaf at Woodplumpton is a very friendly, helpful and generous place (thanks for the donation and the car-parking!) and the Smith's Arms at Lea Town also does excellent food and beer - and it has the most luxurious outside, covered, heated smoking area I have ever seen!  Amazing!
Today's walk finished (and the next will start) at the end of the wonderfully named "Sod Hall Lane"!  Don't believe it?  I'll post a photo on the next blog!  I'll be starting the next stretch on either Friday 18 or Saturday 19 May.  I'm also looking forward to meeting Anthony Hewitt (cycling Land's End to John O'Groats with-a-piano-in-a-van) at his concert in Clitheroe on Friday 18.  He's already started his ride - hope he's going well.