Tuesday 22 November 2011


What a glorious day! Cloudless sky, white mist rising out of the valleys - and just enough cool breeze to prevent overheating. Kenmore and Loch Tay were looking lovely and the walk began with a big 380 metre climb up the hill over to Glen Quaich. Jane met me just at the top with a cup of coffee and bickies - and the walk down into Glen Quaich was nearly as hard as the walk up! Spectacular scenery all the way. The map shows a nice track running along the north side of Loch Freuchie which seemed a better option than the road. However, about a mile of it was just marked as a footpath - and this turned out to be through a fetid swamp, with no sign of a path anywhere! After a 20 minute break to empty boots and wring out socks, I eventually made it back to the track proper - but this was horribly muddy and not easy walking. Jane had driven to the end and walked back to meet me - horribly muddy was an understatement and the sun was going down quickly but we made it back to the car & van in one piece. As a walk, it was extremely hard work but very rewarding - thank god for the glorious weather! As a drive, from Amulree to Kenmore, it is an absolute "cracker"!