Tuesday 2 October 2012


Walked along a stretch of the "Tarka Trail" this morning - a very pretty stroll along the River Taw - and saw a fairly large heron but no sign of any otters!  Must be the wrong time of day.
Started quite early in North Tawton (to catch the good weather) and finished at lunchtime in Okehampton.
Went to the offices of "Wren Music" - a remarkable organisation that does a tremendous amount of music and education all over Devon and further afield.  Mainly grass-roots singing and folk music but also research and development work in all areas.  Had a good long chat with Paul Wilson (Music Director), Marilyn Tucker (Artistic Director) and Kevin Buckland (PR and many other aspects).  Music Hubs around the country would do very well to look at Devon and Wren Music as an example of how to approach and build on the NPME.
As forecast, it started pelting down with rain soon after lunch - so back to the minibus for a rest.  Tomorrow it's the other way round, rain in the morning, clearing later - so maybe we can have a lie in!  Only three days now to the infamous Bodmin Moor!