Wednesday 3 October 2012


Grey and forbidding under lowering skies (most of the time) and looking surprisingly benign in the occasional sunshine, Dartmoor has been dominating the southern horizon for the last four days. Now it's behind me and I'm looking forwards to Bodmin Moor - which, judging by the weather forecast, is going to be every bit as grim and unwelcoming!  We'll see!
Started late (very wet this morning!) and walked a good 8 miles from Okehampton to a pretty spot in a wooded valley called Combebow.  It's on the old A30 and it seemed familiar from when I drove support for a JOGLE bike ride some 25 years ago!
The sun came out later and we went to have a look at Lydford Gorge but, being a National Trust property, it shut just as we got there. (5pm). Maybe we'll get a chance to see it tomorrow.
Anyway, should make it almost to Launceston tomorrow, then veering south to find a reasonable way to cross Bodmin Moor.  Will watch out for the "Beast"!