Wednesday 15 August 2012


Which might just account for the bloody awful rain this morning!
So, we took our time, had a nice lunch at the Brockweir Pub and started walking when the sun came out at about 3pm. Walked along the riverside from Bigsweir to Brockweir, then the big climb up to the top of the woods, just near our campsite.
Jane met me there and we walked together along the dyke and through the woods to the famous "Devil's Pulpit".  It is a great view down to Tintern Abbey - but it's also quite a struggle when the paths are wet and muddy!
Jane walked back to the campsite while I carried on, past Boughspring (some nice views over the Bristol Cannel and to the Severn Bridge, tomorrow's target) and down to Netherhope Lane, where Jane picked me up and took me back to the campsite. A goodly day's walk, finishing at about 7.30pm.
Sun lasted 'til the end but quite a breeze has blown up. Major landmark tomorrow - over the Severn Bridge! Hope it's not too windy!