Saturday 18 August 2012


Yes, all on my own again!  We dropped the minibus off in Wrington this morning and then Jane took me to the start point, near Gordano Services on the M4 near Avonmouth Bridge, then she zoomed off home to get some work done!
Quite a long walk really - about 10.5 miles, around 300 metres of climbing - and most of it on stony and sometimes very muddy paths through woods and across fields.  It was pretty warm and very humid but the sun only came out with any vengeance near the end.
Now I'm back in the campsite, about to have a shower and waiting for the pub to open. The Rodney Stoke Inn is excellent - good beer, good food, friendly people and only 100 yds from my pitch. Should be a good night and I'm sure to meet lots of people.
Tomorrow is a slightly shorter leg - a stiff climb over the Mendip Hills and then a trundle down Cheddar Gorge to the Bath Arms, in the village.  Then the long drive back to Yorkshire. It certainly is time for a rest!