Friday 17 August 2012


Absolutely horrendous rain this morning - and several severe weather warnings on the radio - but the forecast was accurate and it did clear up later.
So, I didn't start walking until about 2 and it rained for most of the first bit (the most attractive bit) of the walk - along the shore of the Severn Estuary from the Old Bridge to just past the new one!  Then the sun came out to keep me hot and bothered as I slogged it along the road through the industrial estates of Avonmouth.
Eventually, I found the way to get onto the Avonmouth Bridge and finished near Gordano Services, near Portishead.
Meanwhile, Jane had booked us into a very nice campsite, at the Rodney Stoke Inn, near Cheddar.  Good beer, good food - in fact quite a good find. It will certainly do for tomorrow as well, the last night of this particular stretch. Weather forecast good for tomorrow!
Still on target to reach Cheddar on Sunday, then the long drive home!