Tuesday 17 July 2012

WET! WET! WET! and more . . .

. . . Wet!!!  Yesterday we finished off the last, shortish stage of the latest stint (Forden to the Blue Bell at Brompton) in relentless rain, sometimes heavy - but it did clear up a bit at the end. However, whilst rain itself isn't a big problem, it makes the going under-foot very slippery and treacherous and the worst thing is the drenching you get from brushing against waist-high (sometimes head-high) undergrowth. grass, crops and bushes!
This was a fairly gentle stage, mainly along or alongside Offa's Dyke, with pretty views across the valley to Montgomery (a lovely town) and to more distant hills.  Pity most of this was obscured by rain and low cloud.  Sadly, the pub was closed when I finished (Monday lunchtime) but I had to get back to Ripon for the St Cecilia AGM so I quickly changed clothes and set off home.
I've now completed nearly 615 miles and done about 11,070 metres of climbing.  The next stage - the rest of Offa's Dyke and across the River Severn - will be done between 4 and 19 August. This is deliberately planned to be during holiday time, so I'm hoping lots of people will be able to come and join us for a few days.  Please help to spread the word - and thanks for all the support so far!