Sunday 15 July 2012


Not a particularly long walk today - from Pool Quay, along the canal for a bit, then along the River Severn for a while (not as swollen or impressive as yesterday), then a few more fields before the big climb up to Beacon Ring.
By some standards, it's not really a massive climb - only 360 metres or so - but it really is steep and unrelenting!
It was a perfect day for walking (for a change), with sunny spells, a cool breeze and fantastic visibility, with lovely, ever-changing, dappled colours on the distant hills! The views were fantastic too, reaching as far as Cader Idris to the W and almost to the Malverns in the SE.
After a prolonged lunch break at the top, it was a long but gentle descent to Kingswood and Forden - where, sadly, the pub was closed! Looking forward to an easy walk tomorrow, a short one - because we have to get back to Ripon for the St Cecilia AGM.