Sunday 20 May 2012


What with Sod Hall Lane, Cabus, Pimbo and the rest, today's walk finished at Crank - not the most distinguished of villages but a nice pub called the Red Cat. Again, fairly gentle walking, mainly along minor roads but some bits of rather pleasant farm land in between, including a place called "Promised Land Farm", which looked more like building site cum scrap yard!
Ian Tate joined me again today, having got the train out from Manchester to Appley Bridge. He brought his bike and trailed it all the way, so that he could get back to the station at the end! Such dedication!
Jane had been playing in the Isle of Man and flew into Blackpool this afternoon - so she drove down to Crank to meet us and then took me back to the minibus and the campsite. Had a nice meal at the Robin Hood Inn tonight.
Tomorrow's walk will be bit shorter - just down to Rainford - so that we leave enought for the next stretch, down to Widnes and across the Mersey to Runcorn. Can't wait!