Monday 21 May 2012


Rainhill Station - of "Rocket" fame!
Woken by heat & sun streaming through the minibus curtains!  At last spring has arrived - but will it last?
Did a fairly short walk today to finish off the stretch before coming home - partly to leave a sensible stage for next Saturday.  Started at Crank and enjoyed pleasant countryside until I crossed the East Lancs Road and hit St Helens!  Even that wasn't as grim as expected - and then it was a gentle stroll along the road to finish at Rainhill Station.
The plan is to start the next stretch there on Saturday 26 May, finishing at the south end of the Widnes-Runcorn Bridge, having crossed the Mersey.  The next day should take us past Frodsham and then, with any luck, we should reach the Shropshire Union Canal, just SE of Chester, on Monday.
Also planning to meet various Liverpool friends on Saturday night, hopefully go to the Liverpool Phil. Youth Orchestra concert on Sunday and then have a party in Manchester on the way home on Monday night.  Details will be posted when arrangements are more definite!