Monday 30 January 2012


Crossed the Forth Bridge!
Well, much as I would love to spend my whole time wandering through beautiful countryside, there is work to be done!  Finished the latest stretch of the big walk today - at the beautiful Harlaw Reservoir, about 10 miles south of the Forth Road Bridge.  I've now done just over 290 miles and climbed just over 5000 metres.  The next stage is a really pretty one - over the Pentlands - and then it's on down to Peebles, over to Eskdalemuir and I'm still well on target to reach Carlisle, or even the Lake District by Easter.
Interesting question:-  How does the government's new "National Plan for Music Education" affect Scotland?  Apparently not at all - which is a pity because music education seems to be in a sorry state north of the border!  However, it will certainly have a big effect in England so that makes it even more important that I meet and talk to music teachers along the way and find out how you think it will work in practice!
Hopefully, weather permitting, I'll be able to fit in a good few days of walking during half-term this February.  Do join me if you can!