Sunday 25 December 2011


Happy Christmas Everyone!

Were off to the Vosges tomorrow with EVaCO, back on 3rd January.

Weather and work intervened with the "Big Walk" so I didn't quite make it to Edinburgh for Christmas - but I reckon it will only take about 21 days of walking to get to Carlisle so there should be no problem getting there by Easter.  With any luck, I'll resume the walking on or around 11 January. (Amulree - Auchterarder - Forth Bridge etc.)

However, I do need a bit of help!  So, if anybody can offer a few nights of accommodation, or lifts to or from the start or finish of  walks, please do get in touch.  Of course, best of all, join me for a stage or two!

And I still want to meet more musicians along the way so, if you know anybody living on the route between Perth - Edinburgh - Peebles - Carlisle, please let them know about it and ask them to contact me.

Thanks for all the support so far - and do have a great festive time and a very happy New Year!

Very best wishes - hope to see you soon.