Tuesday 22 April 2014


What is wrong with these Scottish “Nationalists”?

Is your “Nationality” an important part of your personal identity?  Does it really matter?  For some, obviously, the answer is “Yes”.

I’m only partly Scottish. (A pretty small part at that but I’m told I can trace my ancestry directly back to Mary Queen of Scots, the Colquhoun Clan and the Bell’s Whisky family!)  The rest of me is a mixture of Greek, a bit of French and a fair amount of Viking. I consider myself a Yorkshire man – although, by a twist of circumstance, I was actually born in Lancashire.  If that is ever held against me, I point out that I was conceived in Ross & Cromarty, so my heart is in Scotland!  I would certainly never describe myself as English but I am quite happy to be British.

What has this to do with anything? Well, there must be countless millions of people, all over the world, who don’t actually live in Scotland but who genuinely consider themselves to be Scottish.  If the so-called Scottish “Nationalists” succeed in their barmy and selfish campaign for an independent Scotland, do they realise that they will actually be depriving all their compatriots (and many of we British) of their true nationality and identity?

Why?  Well, if Scotland becomes an independent state (i.e. nation) then it will have to issue new Scottish passports to all its citizens. (What a waste of time and money!) Not only that – but the existing UK/British passport will also become defunct, because there will no longer be a UK or a “Britain”.  I have nothing against the Welsh or Northern Irish but there is nothing of those nations in my ancestry – and I’m certainly not prepared to be called English!

The “Yes” campaign will say that this is not really a problem.  They will say that there is no reason why all these millions of ex-pat Scottish folk shouldn’t be able to apply for Scottish “Nationality” and thus acquire their new Scottish passports.  If that is the case (and this is the crux of the matter) then why not let all these non-resident but truly “Scottish” people establish their Scottish nationality before the referendum, so that they can also cast their votes?  The answer to that is simple: if Alex Salmond and his so-called “Nationalists” did that, they know they would lose, by miles!

And what about the rest of we British?  We are also being threatened with a significant change to our own nationality – why do we not have any say in the matter?

The whole referendum is an ill-considered, immoral, unconstitutional and undemocratic farce!  Cameron should never have agreed to it and it should never be allowed to happen in this shape or form.  This is not Ukraine!  Anyone with any common sense will vote to keep the UK together!

Having said all that, there is, perhaps, an even more important point to make . . .

I was brought up to believe that Racism is wrong.  In fact I think most people would now agree that Racism is wrong.  If it is wrong to discriminate against people because of their race, why is it OK to discriminate against people because of their Nationality?  I think "Nationalism" is every bit as bad as "Racism" - and it probably causes even more wars than religion!

So - come on you Scottish "Nationalists"! Think again - all you are doing is losing friends and making enemies!