Sunday 14 October 2012


I tried it two nights ago but I couldn't make it work - so the last blog was done using the pub's Wifi.  Jane turned it on today and, hey presto, immediate success!
Jane dropped me at Redruth Station this morning, in glorious sunshine, then she went shopping and sightseeing while I walked from Redruth, along the main road to Camborne and then onto the peaceful back roads towards Marazion.  Stopped for a quick half at the St Michael's Mount pub, in a place called Barripper - but nobody knew how it got a place name like that!  Then I wandered on to a village called Realwa, at the end of which Jane picked me up.  About 8.5 miles I guess.
We wanted to make the most of such a nice day so we drove down to the Lizard (southernmost point in England) and, after a quick lunch, climbed down to the sea and back up again.  Then we drove to have a look at Helford - a very pretty village!  Jane now wants to buy a cottage there and move down to Cornwall.
Back at our campsite near Redruth now, watching a lovely sunset!  Tomorrow I should certainly reach Marazion, then it's really just a gentle stroll along the coast for the rest of the week!