Sunday 30 September 2012


Started at Withleigh with a steep downhill bit of old drove lane - the problem was that we had no idea if there was any way across the river at the bottom! Luckily, the old bridge was still there. Jane walked back up to the car, I carried on up an even steeper hill the other side, then continued along those lovely Devon country lanes for about 6 miles to a place with a pub called Black Dog - where Jane met me, having been shopping in Tiverton.
Rather a nice pub, the Black Dog.  After suitable refreshment, I walked on for another 3 miles to the village of Morchard Bishop, where we'd left the minibus this morning, at the London Inn.  Sadly, this pub was closed!  Drove (following Jane) to a new campsite - at the Fox & Hounds in Lydford - where we are about to sample the hospitality!
Crossed the "Two Moors Way" today - but didn't recognise a thing from when Jane and I did it about 14 years ago!