Monday 24 September 2012


I suppose one shouldn't be so rude - but my impression of Bridgwater is that it is the downmarket shopping centre for Somerset, with very little else going for it. Certainly the bus service is pretty dismal.
The weather today was fairly drismal too - at least to start with. Parked the minibus at the Bason Bridge Inn and started walking in rain.  It soon cleared and there were lovely views back towards the Mendips from atop the Knowle, just past the pretty village of Woolavington.  Then it was downhill all the way, in every sense, plodding along the A39 into Bridgwater. Finished at the bus station (where nobody knows anything about bus timetables) and it took me nearly as long to get back by bus to Bason Bridge - where the pub was closed! Lovely afternoon though!
Back at the Beambridge Inn now - and hope to make it to Taunton tomorrow - but the weather forecast isn't very good!