Wednesday 26 September 2012


Actually, I managed to avoid it today! The forecast said rain at about midday, so I set off early, parked at the Blackbird Inn, just outside Wellington, got a bus to the Merry Monk, just beyond Taunton - and walked back as fast as I could!
Not much time to enjoy Taunton but I got a glimpse of the Ian Bothamstand at the Cricket Ground! The rain started about 100 yards from the Blackbird - in fact I got wetter between the pub and the car park than I did during the walk!  And did it rain!  especially later this afternoon. Floods everywhere!
The forecast is a bit better for tomorrow so I should make it past the Beambridge Inn and almost to my camp site. Not far to Tiverton then. Hoping to get to Exeter to meet some musicians tomorrow night!
Hope things have dried out a bit Oop North by now - I wish I'd been able to see the Ure in full flood!