Sunday 3 June 2012


Where's the sun gone?  Has winter come back again?  Just to warm you up, here's a picture I took just north of Widnes!  Hope you like it.

As I mentioned in my last blog, there is a danger of me getting too far ahead of schedule, so I'm going to slow down a bit and so June will be a gentle month.  We'll do the leg from Waverton to Holt and cross the River Dee on Sunday 10 June (do join me if you can) and then another couple of days at the end of June or start of July, which will get us past Ruabon to join "Offa's Dyke" at the spectacular Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

Then the rest of Offa's Dyke - a superb walk - will take place during the 3rd week of July and the 2nd & 3rd weeks of August.  I've timed this stretch for the holiday period to make it possible for as many friends as possible to join me!
This little breather also gives time to take stock!  I've walked nearly 550 miles, done nearly 9,500 metres of climbing, seen lots of places, met lots of friends, made lots of new ones and talked a lot about music and music education.  The end-of-walk "Report" is beginning to take shape and I hope it will prove useful.

Of course, I want to meet lots more musical people but, most of all, I really do want to raise lots more money for musical charities!  PLEASE donate or sponsor me if you possibly can - every little bit will help - and I assure you that it will all go to a very good cause!  It's not just for St Cecilia Orchestra and VaCO, it's also to support the valuable work that both organisations do in the promotion of music and music education.  People who walk with me can also raise money for their own musical charities.
And finally, many, many thanks to all those who have donated or helped in any way so far!