Sunday 27 May 2012


Well, Runcorn certainly wasn't as grim as I expected! Ann & Peter Dangerfield and I started near Runcorn Station and we soon managed to negotiate the streets, housing estates and motorways and get down to the canal, where the rowing club were training hard. Crossed the rustiest swing bridge you've ever seen, after which Ann & Peter had to go home, so I trundled down the road into Frodsham.
Refreshed myself at the old Bear's Paw Pub while I waited for Jane to arrive. Then the two of us found our way out of Frodsham on the "Sandstone Trail" - which turned out to be a really lovely walk through woodland on the edge of the cliff, with glimpses of fabulous vies over the Mersey Estuary. Finished just north of Alvanley Cliff then went to a new camp site near Waverton.
Drove into Liverpool to hear the Liv. Phil. Youth Orchestra playing at the Phil. Yet another potentially fine youth orchestra struggling from lack of string players - but excellent 1st Oboe.
Roll on tomorrow!