Sunday 29 April 2012


Well, I suppose it had to happen!  A dubious weather forecast turned out to be even worse than expected so we decided to call it a day - come home and catch up with some work - and leave the delights of the Lancaster Canal until another time!  The minibus nearly got blown off the road on the way back!
Many thanks to Roger Clarke for the accommodation near Lancaster - and to Peter and Jackie Beesley for the same at Tunstall earlier.  Thanks also to Brian Robinson, Tony & Freda Dykes, Alexia & Dave Owens and Jane for the excellent company.
I've now completed more than 468 miles (must be just about half way now) and done 8825 metres of climbing.
With any luck (and weather permitting) the next stretch will start just south of Lancaster on Friday 4 May and finish south of Preston on 7 May.  I'll post the details when definite.