Thursday 1 March 2012


But, after 319 miles or so, I'm finally getting near the border!  The first batch of pictures (J O'G to Inverness) is now posted on Facebook - and the second batch (Inverness to Forth Bridge) will be uploaded in the next day or two.  (Some of them are fantastic - this is a taster!)
I'm now just south of Peebles and I reckon another 10-12 days will see me past Carlisle and down to the top of the Lake District.
The next couple of stages are brilliant ones - along the Southern Uplands Way to St Mary's Loch and then over to Ettrick.  After that, it's a lovely stroll over to Eskdale and then down to Gretna and Carlisle.
Unless the weather turns really nasty, I'm planning to drive up on Wednesday (7th) or Thursday (8th) March and do 5 or 6 days - then back to Ripon for a Tuesday rehearsal, then off again to do another 5 or 6 days.
So please join me if you can, tell all your musical friends and colleagues about it, spread the word - maybe even donate a little bit (if you haven't already done so!)