Thursday 16 February 2012


Glorious day yesterday - great views, sunshine, gentle breeze - but the walk itself was slightly more problematic. Starting at Penicuik, the idea was simply to head south towards Peebles - and the map shows some interesting bits of disused railway line and old drove roads, which would be much better than walking along the road. We asked at the TIC in Peebles and they were very helpful but didn't know if the old line was really walkable - so I said I would try it and let them know - and I did. Most of it was lovely, if a bit soft under foot, but two bridges were missing! Climbing over fences, clambering down embankments & jumping over streams is great fun! Jane joined me for the 2nd half and we made it as far as Waterheads - almost half way to Peebles. This old line would make a brilliant cycle and walkway if it were restored. Come on Sustrans. Went to listen to the Peebles Youth Orchestra in the evening - great to see kids playing with enthusiasm - all strength to their elbows! Today we'll try to get as far as Peebles - more later. Didn't happen! We'd managed to make contact with my "long lost" brother in law, Dave Bathgate (top mountaineer) who lives in nearby Rosewell and is very kindly providing a bed for 3 nights. Dave and I were going to walk from Waterheads to Peebles today but, when we got to the start, the clouds were down, it was raining and generally pretty grismal, so we decided to have a day off! Visited Roslin Chapel & Castle (very romantic!) and spent the rest of today chilling out and catching up - after all, we hadn't seen each other for nigh on 40 years. We'll do the walk tomorrow.