Friday 27 January 2012


Sorry we missed putting the blog up yesterday through technical failure - sorted now. Started in snow yesterday at the Tomaukin Inn at Glendevon. The weather was a right mix all day but I managed a good 7.5 miles down through Yetts O'Muckhart, Rumbling Bridge (spectacular gorge), Powmill and half way up the Cleish Hill towards Knock Hill racing circuit. Jane met me at the end and led me to our stunning "glamping site" near Inverkeithing. Today was rather better weather. Walked over the rest of the Cleish Hills and down to Dunfermline centre. Cool but gloriously sunny, beautiful weather - but it might be cold tonight! Should certainly reach the Forth Road Bridge tomorrow. Jane says: she is never going to camp in Scotland in January again - Heath Robinson would have a field day with sketching our glampsite - it is just unbelievable ........... Ho! Ho! Ho!