Monday 16 January 2012


Back home again now!  Another superb stage yesterday, over the Ochills from Cloan to the Tormaukin Inn at Glendevon.  Cold, but clear and calm, lots of ice.  Very peaceful and really nice to get off the roads and onto proper walking tracks.  Only 18 miles to the Forth Bridge now so another stretch will see me past that significant landmark.Many thanks to June (landlady of the Comrie Hotel) and Andy (guest at Comrie Croft Hostel) for help with transport - and, of course, to Jane - who came up to support and walk with me for the last two days.
Really would appreciate some company and help over the next few stages so come on you Edinburgh musicians - fresh air and exercise are good for you!  Watch this space for details of the next stretch - before the end of January I hope!  Xen