Monday 24 October 2011

What's wrong with the Scottish weather?

It was like walking in English summer for most of today! Jane dropped me in Inverness to shop for essentials while I legged it up the Old Edinburgh Road and the big climb up the Wade Military Road. Jane then met me near the top in Milton of Leys. We sheltered in the car from a threatened heavy shower, after which the weather just got better, sunnier and hotter as we carried on up Wade's Road then cut off to join one of the Daviot Wood walks, leading us over the tops and down to Daviot West. Crossed the A9 and steeply down to cross the river Nairn by a bouncy suspension footbridge (could be in NZ) then legged it up to our campsite at Auchnahillin. About 7.5 miles with 350 metres of climbing. Tomorrow is an easy trundle along the road to Moy - hope the weather holds. Problem now is where to eat tonight - nowhere within 10 miles! Nice toasties last night in the Cairn Hotel in Carrbridge, might try Culloden tonight.