Thursday 27 October 2011

Meet me at Slochd Summit!

Has a romantic ring to it - doesn't it? Well, it's too late, we are well past there now. If you want to meet me in the next 2 days, it'll have to be Aviemore or Kingussie. Walked from Slochd down to Carrbridge today (pretty town, with a cute little old bridge and a nice bakery where we had soup and a sandwich). Then walked on for another 3 miles or so towards Aviemore which should make tomorrow quite easy. Weather fine, plenty of sun, no rain. 2 more days and I'll be in Kingussie and that will do for this stretch - about 170 miles south of John O'Groats. Had a good meal at the Cairngorm Hotel last night in Aviemore - must be about the only good thing to be said for Aviemore!